Our Story

COLE + COLE is a collaboration of sisters Susan Cole Cannon and Terry Cole Sullivan.  Susan’s practice in modern architecture and Terry’s background in mathematics is evident in their jewelry design. Cole + Cole is characterized by clean lines, bold simple forms and the creative use of geometric shapes and materials.  Our current pieces represent thoughts of old to new, simple complexity, and juxtaposition of common elements with precious materials. 

We have been working in precious metals for over fifteen years, benefiting from North Carolina programs at Pullen Arts Center and Penland School of Crafts.

Our current lines feature structurally inspired  sterling silver and vitreous enamels set into sterling silver.  All of our jewelry is designed and fabricated in our home studios in Raleigh, NC.

We were founding members of the Roundabout Art Collective from 2012-2017 and had work displayed and sold in the Gallery. In addition we have been featured in shows at the Roundabout, Moondog Fine Arts and Pullen Arts Center.